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  • TALTIO program creates a standard model for structured data, defining in which format invoice, receipt and account statement information, for example, can be entered into financial management systems without manual data entry
  • In the TALTIO program, integrations, data storages and reporting apps are implemented in different work packages according to the TALTIO model
  • TALTIO program promotes the digitalisation of small companies, associations and companies operating in the housing sector
  • TALTIO program creates opportunities for managing the finance of private persons
  • TALTIO program develops services of accounting firms to address future needs


  • The cost-efficiency of the financial management of one million companies and corporations translates into major savings for both companies and the national economy
  • Allows a digital productivity leap in the SME sector (automation, risk management, etc.)
  • A view to real-time information allows better decision-making
  • Manual data entry is eliminated, financial experts help companies
  • Easier to receive financing, thanks to more up-to-date financial information, and credit losses decrease


  1. To create a consistent form for structured financial data so that it may be used in different systems
  2. To build an ecosystem model and to demonstrate the digitalised financial management of SMEs and corporations as a data storage solution complying with TALTIO
  3. To implement integrations between financial management systems and programs complying with the TALTIO data record description
  4. To create opportunities for accounting firms for new business in the utilisation of structured data
  5. To support housing sector digitalisation in the housing trade and its financing
  6. To also use the resulting TALTIO solution for the management of the finance of private persons


The schedule of the TALTIO program is March 2016 - October 2017.

The TALTIO program is part of a spearhead project managed by Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, which aims at building a growth environment for digital business. 

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